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Your Go-To payment service provider, offering solutions for all businesses. Partner with us and benefit from our payment pioneers, customizable modern payment solutions, and a dedicated support team to drive your business to new heights. With OnePay’s advanced payment gateway, experience smoother business transactions and streamlined security.

Why OnePay?

What makes OnePay unique?

Accepting payments might pose challenges, yet OnePay simplifies it by consolidating all payments into one platform, facilitating seamless payment processing for your business.
We are your trusted partner in achieving payment transparency, offering monthly reconciliation services, and catering to businesses of all sizes from startups to large enterprises.
Security and Compliance

Values security measures and 100% regulatory compliance to protect every transaction.

Flexible Technology

Leverages latest technological advancements to provide secure, and innovative payment solutions.

Omnichannel Payments

Seamless payments across multiple platforms and devices for a frictionless customer experience.

Mobile Payments

Provides businesses and customers with the flexibility of enabling safe, on-the-go transactions.

E-commerce Payments

Simplifies e-commerce payments, easing seamless online transactions for businesses and customers.

Proprietary Gateway

Offers high-performance payment processing and transaction checks to businesses of all sizes.

OnePay Go mobile app for Merchant and Payment Solutions
OnePay Go

Complete your Business Transactions Online with OnePay Go

Launch your mobile application today by just logging in with your user account.

Merchant Solutions

Our Payment Gateway helps Businesses achieve new heights

OnePay’s secure payment solutions provide a sole source for all your revenue management, technology, and operational needs. Through our reliable merchant services, you can streamline your business and grow your company with an optimized cash flow. 

Payment Gateway

Payment Links

Recurring Payment

Smart Plugins


Automated Billing

Virtual Terminal

Vaulted Payments

Trusted Partners around the World!

Enhanced Payment Features

Our Payment Gateway Helps Business Achieve New Heights

OnePay gives your business much more than what normal payment portals offers. 

Real-time Fraud Detection

OnePay’s enhanced security system analyses the payment portal to find any security loopholes and fixes them.

Online Store

Provides payment portals to various e-commerce websites, so that buyers can make payments on the go.

Smart Check-out

A smooth check-out process for the customers along with secured user experience. Initiate payments from any location.

Now share secured and encrypted Payment links through SMS or email and get paid instantly.


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