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OnePay is attending Transact Tech 2023

TRANSACT Tech 2023

Transact Tech 2023 is a valuable one-day event gathering for a broad spectrum of experts and stakeholders in the capital markets and payments sectors. The event will be live at Mastercard Tech Hub, NYC, on October 18, covering a welcome session, followed by speaker, and keynote sessions. In this event, the renowned speakers and keynote speakers will contribute their thoughts to delve into the investment landscape of the payment industry, track smart capital flows, and growth-enabling technologies.

Take the opportunity to connect with our OnePay team to discover modern innovations that we are bringing to the world of payment solutions.

What is the essence of OnePay and its Offerings?

OnePay, an omnichannel payment solutions provider, equips businesses of all sizes with a versatile suite of digital payment services customized for today's dynamic market landscape. At OnePay, we leverage the power of modern technology to facilitate secure and flawless transactions across diverse payment industries.

Our advanced encryption technologies guarantee to safeguard sensitive data, ensuring privacy and protection against fraud. Expand your business with our tailored payment solutions to manage payment challenges for small and large enterprises.

OnePay also accepts various payment options, including debit cards, credit cards, digital wallets, QR code payments, and merchant payment solutions to accommodate customer preferences. We facilitate businesses to automate their payment operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and optimize overall operational efficiency with its user-friendly interfaces and robust backend infrastructure.

OnePay offers a range of services, including online payments, e-commerce integration, text-to-pay, pay by QR code, multiple payment methods, omnichannel payments, and point-of-sale solutions.

OnePay provides real-time transaction tracking, strong security measures, and business integration options. We offer a remarkably adaptable solution in the ever-changing landscape of digital payments, thus setting us apart from the rest.

Who stands to benefit from this event?

Payments and fintech innovators, investors, and analysts should attend Transact Tech 2023. Apart from these, entrepreneurs and startups, technology providers, consultants and advisors, regulators and compliance professionals can be a part of the ETA Powered, TRANSACT Tech 2023, NYC. 

Meet our team of experts at Transact Tech 2023 to explore the exciting world of payment solutions. Grab this opportunity to learn, and unlock new avenues for innovation and business expansion in payment solutions. Register now to discover more about the payment industry through attending Transact Tech Event 2023.